On A Bay That Belonged To None Of Us
On A Bay That Belonged To None of Us

Twenty-one separate yet distinct voices from the University of Houston Graphic Design program came together to create this anthology of stories based on the senior trip to Aransas Bay. Taking the key design elements of grittiness, highly saturated black and white images and textures, each student was tasked with designing their own signature that included French folds. The photos chosen were altered in Photoshop to visually depict memories and how they become clouded and muddled with time. The cover, designed by myself and a team of three classmates, took lines from several stories to create a poem. The lines were then broken, repeated and scaled to create an eye-catching cover that did not give away the contents of the anthology. The 50-copy run of the anthology was hand-bound with kettle stitching and bound together as a singular text block.