Every protest creates a visual language through posters and signs that place the sentiments of the participants involved directly onto paper. Propagandist is a zine created by the desire of five students to learn about the events that spurred people into creative action. Elements from the posters, such as the use of capital letters and one to two colors, were used as the basis for the visual language and large narrative of the entire zine. Signs were often created with quickness to allow for easy replication and dissemination; through collaboration, the group created a pattern of words that were Xeroxed, printed, re-printed, distorted by hand and scanned into the computer. These were used throughout the zine, with each student using the patterning to enhance elements within their respective pages. This unified approach effectively created a visual flow that was both comprehensible and exciting, reflecting the manner in which the posters and signs previously captured people’s attention.


fast fashion–and destruction